Peter Hilchey, Treasurer

Peter was hired in September of 1982, and in the probationary year was assigned to Troop E Conway patrol, Troop C Sullivan County and Troop G Manchester loop patrol.  Peter served in Troop G for five years and transferred to a rural patrol in the Weare, New Boston, Francestown and Mont Vernon Patrol. Peter then served as detective in Troop B and received a Division Recognition for solving a burglary ring with over fifty cases cleared.  Peter assisted in the Photo Section of the Forensic lab and eventually was assigned there for two years while transferring to the Major Crime Unit.  While in the Major Crime Unit Peter obtained a certification of Crime Scene Technician through the International Association of Identification.   Peter was then assigned back to Troop B patrol and promoted to a Detective Sergeant in Troop B where he served several years until retiring in 2006 after 24 years of service.  

After retirement, Peter served with the NH Marine Patrol patrolling the seacoast and as a Boating Education Instruction for eight years part-time.  Peter works full time now as a Senior Investigator for Amica insurance, investigating fraudulent insurance claims. Peter has served as a board member and now treasurer of NHRSTA.


Kathy Kimball, Secretary

Kathy served with the New Hampshire State Police from 1986 to 2009.  After graduation from the 75th Recruit Academy, she had trainee assignments around the state and her first permanent assignment was at Troop B.  Kathy worked patrol for 12 years in both highway and rural patrols.  During that time, she also became a DARE Officer in various elementary and middle schools.  She went on to train law enforcement officers to become DARE Officers and helped coordinate NH’s DARE Program out of Headquarters.  In 1998, Kathy was promoted to a detective position at Troop B and a year later was assigned to the Major Crime Unit where she had the opportunity to work on several high profile homicide cases and was the State Police investigator assigned to the Diocese of Manchester child abuse case at the Attorney General’s Office. 

Following her return to Troop B as a detective several years later, Kathy was promoted to Detective Sergeant before finishing her 23 year career.  In addition, during her career, Kathy also served on NH’s Child Abuse & Neglect Task Force and both the Child Abuse Fatality Review Committee and the Domestic Violence Fatality Review Committee.  She has been an instructor at Police Standards & Training since 1999 and has served as the NHRSTA Secretary since 2009.


Bart "Skip" Korbet

Skip joined the State Police in 1971, leaving Gorham PD. During his trainee year he was stationed in Troop A, Troop B, Troop E and then the newly established Troop G - Interstate & Turnpike Patrol. After permanent assignment he patrolled with both D & G. He was given a K-9 shepard and it was during this duty that he was given his corporal stripes. When permanently assigned he built his house in Contoocook and is still living there today. After retiring from the State Police he worked for the local telephone company for 23 years and retired from them in 2018. As far as he is concerned he has had one career and that was as a State Trooper, everything else was just a job. He is a proud member of the NHRSTA.