Attention All Members
Pharmacy Change Effective 1/1/2014

Welcome to NHRSTA!

This organization is founded and established by those members of the New Hampshire State Police who developed a fellowship by working together toward the same objectives imbued with the knowledge required to overcome their common problems and who have honorably retired after loyal and faithful service and who share a deep desire to perpetuate the experiences of their service and association with the New Hampshire State Police, and to make permanent these friendships and relationships so as to keep alive the comradeship developed during honorable service with the New Hampshire State Police.

NHRSTA Application for Membership (pdf)

New Hampshire Retired State Troopers Association

Executive Board
Chairman David W. Kelley
2nd Vice Chairman Herbert Frink
Board Member Walter Morse
Board Member Jim White
Board Member Bart "Skip" Korbet
Board Member and Secretary Kathleen M. Kimball
Treasurer Peter J. Hilchey